Growver is an outdoor robot for lawn irrigation and other outdoor use. The Growver platform is simple, easy to build and modify and has a large payload. It’s also Open Source.

The Idea

The idea for a lawn watering robot came during the hot Texas summer of 2013. After another extreme water bill and headline news about droughts in California, it was clear there had to be a better way that sending 1000’s of gallons of water through buried plastic pipes so that it could be imprecisely sprayed through the air.



Placing water exactly where it was needed is a better approach, and the idea of Growver was born.


Precise watering – Growver should navigate your entire lawn, placing water with a gentle shower instead of spraying it through the air.

Reduce water use – Moisture sensors and precise positioning will ensure Growver won’t over-water, reducing water usage by up to 50%.

Easy Irrigation – Works from either municipal water or rain barrel using gravity.

Connected – Use the Growver app to track water use, direct Growver to focus on particular areas of your yard, and even remote control.

Growver on TV

Growver and creator Jon Guy were featured on CNBC’s Make Me a Millionaire Inventor



Growver is a trademark of Revely Microsystems LLC