An open-source robot for lawn irrigation and other outdoor applications


Welcome to the new Growver 2020 website. I’ve finally found some time to open source Growver. Preparing design elements for publishing is still a work in progress. As I have time, I’ll be adding information on sensors, autonomous operation and connectivity. Hope you find something useful or interesting on these pages. Jon Guy

The Growver 2020 platform features…

  • Simple low-power 12V control module and motors
  • Optimized to traverse lawns and moderate outdoor areas
  • Study but very lightweight body
  • Wi-Fi (Bluetooth for set-up)
  • RESTful web APIs - control with JavaScript, Python, etc.
  • UART interface for on-board controller (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.)
  • Mechanical components can be built with 3D printer and a saw
  • Easy to customize and expand with advanced navigation options
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Open source software and hardware

More about Growver

Mechanical Design




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