The Growver project is a journey. Some elements are mostly complete while others are still vague ideas. Naturally there are some things that don’t work. Check the blog pages to track progress, or get the summary here.

What’s Working Detail
Teleoperated Control via web page See software page for more details
RESTful APIs  
UART/terminal command interface  
File system for user html/scripts  
Watering under teleoperated control  

Additions in various states of completion (will be added as I have time)

Still to do Detail
Autonomous operation Earlier versions of Growver are autonomous - needs adaptation for Growver 2020
Raspberry Pi on Grovwer Uses the UART interface. Rpi for camera, OpenCV, navigation etc.
HTTPS Currently HTTP only
Perimeter wire navigation Still the go-to tech for lawn robots. Will be ported from other Growvers to Growver 2020
Other sensors Magnetometer, moisture, etc. these too need migration from other Growvers
Security Wi-Fi SSID and password are stored in plain text on Growver. It is highly recommended to use a guest network
Security There is no login for Growver. Anyone with Wi-Fi access and IP address (or local name) can operate Growver and even update firwmare.